Aluminum eccentric free-rotating nose

Designed for applications in deviated, extended reach wells and/or horizontal wells. Uniquely designed shape of the shoe changes direction when casing meets an obstruction in the well, ensuring the casing reaches total depth. Resulting side-force helps the shoe pass obstruction, ensuring the casing reaches total depth without rotation and/or reciprocation.
Technical properties
  • self-alignment in a wellbore
  • integrally machined design and high alloy aluminum material reduces friction in a wellbore, allows to reach maximum efficiency
  • skewed ports allow for efficient clean-out of hole
  • unique design feature allow use in wellbore with extreme dogleg

  • deviated, horizontal, ERD, S-shaped, directional wells
  • directional wells with washout conditions
  • vertical wells in hard formation variable rock inclusions
  • running in liner side-track with unknown geometry and/or size of mill window
Shoes and couplings are usually used in the lower interval of the well and provide a reduction in the load on the mast when running the casing through zones with ledges and collapses in the wellbore, as well as landing sites for the lower and upper cementing plug. The back pressure valve prevents fluid from flowing into the casing when the pipe is lowered into the well and prevents cement entry back into the casing after injection, while allowing circulation through the casing.
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