Stand off bands stamped steel centralizers are designed specifically for horizontal, S-shaped and extended reach wells.

Designed to be run in hole ‘undergaged’ these centralizers do not have any starting or running forces, which helps minimize drag in horizontal sections, while producing guaranteed minimum stand off.
Technical properties
  • Stamped structure helps reduce the weight of stand off band compared to similar steel solid body centralizers.
  • Smaller cross sectional body height means stamped stand off band are ideal to install on casing in a section of a well with minimum annulus restrictions.
  • Ideal for rotation and reciprocation of casing while running in a hole.
Additional equipment variants:
This particular model can also be ordered with set screws for cases when rotation is required to install.
A centralizer – just another component we might consider insignificant when planning a well, but make no mistake, thanks to the proper centralization of the casing in a well, we achieve higher rates of production, increase life-time of a well and reduce the risk of unexpected accident on a rig
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