Centralizer type N100Ur is specially designed for applications in wells with large OD of wellbore and/or large percentage of cavern porosity.

Main task of this type of centralizer - to pass minimum restriction of the previous casing and come out in the open hole providing good stand off at midspan in the underreamed/large OD section of the well.
This type of well is typical of well design in deep sea drilling.

Type N100Ur draws its original design from a more traditional centralizer type N100S, as such its durable design can withstand highest axial and/or radial forces.
Special design of the bows of N100Ur allows it to be completely restored to its size and continue to provide restoring force even after significant collapse.
In addition to that special shape of the bow on N100Ur has been designed in such a way as to minimize starting and restoring forces in close tolerances zones and/or minimize the risks of passing through the tight restrictions of subsea wellhead.

Centralizers type N100Ur are individually designed with aid of centralizer placement program. Each batch of product gets tested in a certified lab for performance specifications.Technical report contains extensive lab results in form of values, graphs and countersigned by engineer conducting the test.

Main application for Type N100Ur:

  • Deep sea drilling
  • Close tolerance wells
  • Extended reach wells
  • Large OD wells
  • S-Type/ J-Type wells
  • ERD wells
Everything about the production of NORD centralizers and their design features.
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A centralizer – just another component we might consider insignificant when planning a well, but make no mistake, thanks to the proper centralization of the casing in a well, we achieve higher rates of production, increase life-time of a well and reduce the risk of unexpected accident on a rig
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