Why are we so confident in design and make
of our centralizers?

To ensure that we reached our ultimate goal of making solid and reliable centralizer Nord had  devoted great time designing its production process, we:

  • Introduced a design concept that facilitated application and enhanced performance
  • Developed a unique heat-treatment process of steel to enhance its properties
  • Tooling is done in-house using latest automated machinery - it enhances productivity and minimizes risk of human factor
  • Manage Nord’s manufacturing process using latest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software - we monitor our lead times and confidently ship your order on time
  • Set up in-house Quality Assurance department which monitors quality of Nord’s tools and materials which are used in production
  • Set up development and testing laboratory - we check raw material quality and its composition before sending it to production, and conduct R&D work
  • Do business with only approved and reliable suppliers
О компании
In addition to equipment for the construction of typical wells, NORD specialists are ready to develop technological equipment and float equipment taking into account the customer's technical requirements for non-standard conditions of the wellbore, to conduct all necessary tests and deliver it to the mobilization point in a short time.
We render services on carrying out of the certified laboratory researches of centralizers products not only our manufacture, but also any other manufacturers.

Certified laboratory tests

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