N170, N170S

Centralizer type N170 is specially designed to be used in cased section of the wellbore. Centralizer type N170 - one of the most cost efficient engineering design in a cased section of a wellbore.
Technical properties
  • Achieve positive standoff of upto 90% in a cased section of the wellbore.
  • Good for rotation and reciprocation.
  • Improve cement sheath integrity.
  • Allows for casing rotation and reciprocation.
Everything about the production of NORD centralizers and their design features.
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A centralizer – just another component we might consider insignificant when planning a well, but make no mistake, thanks to the proper centralization of the casing in a well, we achieve higher rates of production, increase life-time of a well and reduce the risk of unexpected accident on a rig
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