N100, N100S

Centralizers have been long and successfully used in the well construction. It is recommended to use with an N11 stop collar.
Technical properties
  • Ultra-strong welded seams – the centralizer does not collapse even at very high loads.
  • A standard bow for our centralizers are designed to have along their length variable coefficient of stiffness - ultimate strength vs. stand-off properties.
  • Bows cross-section is given a concave shape, to facilitate centralization and placement against wellbore wall – eliminates the risks associated with wall friction and/or wall biting when centralizer passes caving formation.
  • Centralizer collar has a radial lip along the length of circumference - running in of a casing causes no additional drag forces, centralizer doesn’t bite into formation, bypasses ledges and obstructions in an open hole.
  • Nord centralizer is designed to provide identical bilateral running forces during reciprocating - no additional drag forces result when tripping in /pulling back thus less risk of casing break off.
  • Nord bow spring centralizer has been designed to enhance pipe rotation and reciprocation (requires installation of stop collar Model N11 or N15).
  • Nord bow spring restoring forces – x 1,5 times higher than standard required by API 10D.
  • Starting forces and running forces – x 2 times lower than standard required by API 10D.
  • Robustness of weld joints exceeds joint strength of bonding parts.
  • Design of hinged joints shows the strength comparable to weld joints and that exceeds the material strength by a factor of x 1,5.
Everything about the production of NORD centralizers and their design features.
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A centralizer – just another component we might consider insignificant when planning a well, but make no mistake, thanks to the proper centralization of the casing in a well, we achieve higher rates of production, increase life-time of a well and reduce the risk of unexpected accident on a rig
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