Float collar Model N400 designed for well applications where high abrasive fluid content is observed and high velocity of fluid circulation is required.
Designed to be installed at the lower end of the casing to prevent fluid migration from the annulus to the casing during run-in, circulation and cementing.
Available for any casing size, thread, material and wall thinkness.
Technical properties
  • high resistance to erosion and wear
  • PDC drillable
  • available in sizes - от 101,6 mm to 915 mm (4 to 36 inches)
  • any thread, material and wall thinkness GOST, АPI, Premium
  • available as per individual customer's request
Shoes and couplings are usually used in the lower interval of the well and provide a reduction in the load on the mast when running the casing through zones with ledges and collapses in the wellbore, as well as landing sites for the lower and upper cementing plug. The back pressure valve prevents fluid from flowing into the casing when the pipe is lowered into the well and prevents cement entry back into the casing after injection, while allowing circulation through the casing.
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